Ditch the worry and find the joy in parenting

Parenting has become a toxic space and legacy parenting and child development apps are part of the problem causing additional worry and guilt. My First Five Years are the next generation parenting app, the antidote to parenting anxiety and app fatigue.

Created by experts, My First Five Years cuts through the overwhelming, often contradictory advice to provide you with the tools, knowledge and support to block out unhelpful comparisons, feel more confident and better understand the unique way in which your child learns and develops.

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The best app I have used in regards to child development.

It is very clear and simple to use. It's personal to each child and the skills they are developing. It has great ideas for activities too!

~ Nel (parent)

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The happiness of modern parents is under threat.

With a whole generation of parents often feeling they are not doing a good enough job.

Where there could be joy there is often worry and guilt.

But here's the thing.

We all know that the idea of children following any precise development schedule is absolute nonsense. This approach of milestones linked to a child’s age can lead to unhelpful comparisons and unnecessary pressure as parents try to live up to unrealistic, perceived parenting ideals and developmental milestones.

Our app aims to take away the guilt and needless pressure placed on so many parents, and help you understand more about the unique way your child learns so you are better informed to support them and give your child the best start in these all-important first five years.


We understand that parents also want to know their child is on track and doing as expected.

That's why in addition to your child's individualised learning plan, we have a 6, 12 and 18 month check-in with you, and annually after that until your child is 5, to reassure you that things are progressing as they should be or to sign post you to the professionals if your child might need additional support.

In as little as 4 minutes, together, we create an individualised development plan for your child

An easy one-off setup will create your child's unique starting point and show you what's 'likely to be next' in the 6 key areas of childhood development.

Over your child's first five years, we will walk with you every step of the way as your child masters hundreds of skills that will set the foundation for everything to come.

Our learning plans are as unique as your child rather than a generic one size fits all approach based on time specific milestones or stress inducing leaps.

Daily activities and play ideas to support your child's learning

Each day, the app suggests hints, tips, hacks, activities and play ideas that are timely and relevant to your child.

Following the plan makes life easier. The ideas are simple, easy and effective in helping your child master key life skills and usually need nothing more than your child and things you will find in your home or your neighbourhood.

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Ages and Stages

You will see a lot of apps and read a lot of content that links developmental milestones to your child's exact age, often referred to as 'ages and stages'.

But I'm sure you'll agree, children are all different and don't follow a precise and standard linear learning line. Lumping children together this way doesn't serve parents or children well. 

Rather than ages and stages, we share with you what is 'likely to be next'. We share with you what your child's development looks like, how you spot it, and how you support your child to master key life skills. 

Become part of a community of parents who want to do things differently, break the generational cycle and parent in a way that is better for you and better and healthier for your child.

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