Ditch the worry and find the joy in parenting

My First Five Years provide you with the tools, knowledge and support to block out unhelpful comparisons, feel more confident and better understand the unique way in which your child learns and develops.


Most expert advice teaches us that a child's development follows an extremely precise path, built around age-typical milestones.


But here's the thing.

We all know that the very idea of children following any kind of precise schedule is absolute nonsense. This kind of teaching can lead to unhelpful comparisons and it places unnecessary pressure on parents to live up to unrealistic, perceived parenting ideals.

Our app aims to take away the guilt and needless pressure placed on so many parents, and understand more about the unique way in which your child develops.

Feature 1

Totally bespoke learning journey

Your child will take their own unique learning journey, mastering skills in 6 streams of development underpinned by play.

Thousands of everyday activities

A bank of 2,000 hints, tips, hacks and 1,000+ skills for your child to practise and master within their first five years - created by early years experts

Feature 2
Feature 3

No ages and stages

We don’t believe that children follow a precise schedule. That’s why we have removed references to a child's age and their development, replaced with what's likely to be next based on the skills mastered

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