Guest blog - Five reasons to rent your baby’s clothes by Bundlee

When you prepare for the birth of your baby, you might enjoy shopping for tiny babygros and outfits, and carefully folding them away as you wait to meet your baby. It can be hard to imagine how quickly your little one will outgrow their first set of outfits, and their second, and even their third! 

With little ones outgrowing seven clothing sizes in just two years, clothing costs can mount up quickly and it feels horrible seeing so many barely worn clothes go to waste. But did you know that you can rent your baby’s clothes with a subscription service? Our friends at Bundlee have shared their five reasons why renting your baby’s clothes is a brilliant idea!  


Save the planet 

Baby clothes create a huge amount of waste as your baby outgrows their clothes quickly in the first two years. Renting clothes extends the lifespan of clothes, and clothes that are returned are professionally cleaned and sanitised before being shared with the next renting family.  

By trying out Bundlee for a month, you’ll have saved 7kg of CO2 emissions, helping to create a better future for your little one to grow into. 


Get organised 

You can pre-order your baby’s clothes up to six months in advance of your due date. We’ll send you exactly what you’ll need for your little one. 


Bundlee Clothing 1


Save space  

Just send the set back when your baby grows (before you know it!) and you will be sent the next size up. No storing clothes for them to grow into or packing away tiny baby clothes into the loft… ah peace in your home! Well, at least in your wardrobes! 😉 


Save money 

Having a baby can be expensive, so it can be handy to save money where you can! First time parents spend on average £997 on clothing in their baby’s first year.* Renting your baby’s clothes can save around £619 in the first year alone.


Bundlee 2


Get premium quality baby clothes 

Bundlee is a great way to get amazing quality clothes from some of your favourite premium sustainable kidswear brands including MORI, Mini Rodini, Patagonia and Stella McCartney, while saving up to 75% on the recommended retail price. 


What is Bundlee? 

Bundlee is the UK’s first rental service for baby clothes. Pick your Bundlee subscription plan and receive a set of clothes for your little one’s size and the season. Then, just like magic, conveniently swap clothes as they grow. 

We know parents face a lot of challenges in the first years with soaring bills, homes overflowing with baby ‘stuff’ and general organisational challenges – all when you are at your most time (and energy!) poor. 

Visit Bundlee’s website today to find out more and to get a 30-day free trial with code: MFFY30 

 - Bundlee | Rent Baby Clothes |The sustainable choice for modern parents


* Study by ErgoBaby